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  • Vari*Lite 3515 Spot


    Using a 1500W Osram double-ended short arc lamp, the VL3515 Spot also features 6:1 zoom optics, CYM color mixing, variable CTO color temperature correction, a six-position color wheel, two gobo/effects wheels, a shutter and separate dimmer, and ultra-fast strobe mechanisms. The VL3515 luminaire has an added feature of a four-blade shutter mechanism that allows the blades to be operated independently or in unison on two planes for a clear and crisp image. Two reflectors are standard on the luminaire allowing users to choose between either a peaked or flat field beam. In the peaked beam, the fixture provides 27,000 lumens of output, and in the flat field beam, an output of 22,000 lumens is achieved. Reflectors are easily changed, and whichever one is not chosen rides securely inside the luminaire on a specially designed mount. The VL3515 Spot luminaire is complete with a palette of VARI*LITE gobos, effects and colors, while custom gobos, effects and colors are also available. Additionally, the fixture is similarly sized in comparison to all other Series 3000 products providing a consistent hang configuration and appearance, no matter which luminaire is required

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    25.56"L x 20"W x 32.57"H (Head Up)


    A three-filter CYM cross-fading mechanism. A fixed color wheel with six interchangeable color filters and continuous wheel rotation for additional effects. It includes a variable CTO color temperature correction wheel.
    A 13-element 6:1 zoom optics system, covering a range from 10° to 60°.
    A four-blade shutter mechanism that allows the blades to be operated independently or in unison on two planes for a clear and crisp image. The entire mechanism can rotate 50o in either direction.
    Full field dimming designed for smooth timed fades as well as quick dimming effects. High-performance dual blade strobe system capable of ultra-fast operation.
    One gobo/effects wheel provides five rotatable, indexable gobo positions and one open position.
    One fixed gobo/effects wheel provides six positions for standard or custom gobos and one open position.
    Variable beam focus to soften edges of gobos or spots. Remarkable depth of field capability allows morphing effects between all pattern and effects wheels.

    Control and Programming:

    Completely compatible with a wide variety of DMX512 consoles.
    31 DMX channels



    Triple wattage, double-ended lamp. The lamp is capable of operation at 900W, 1200W or 1650W – mode selectable from fixture or console.
    6000K at 1650W and 6300K at 900W and 1200W
    24,987 lumens (Peaked Reflector)
    21,918 lumens (Flat Field Reflector)
    Standard AC power distribution from 200– 264 VAC, 50/60 HZ. The unit requires 8 to 12 A depending on the AC supply voltage.

    Moving Body:

    Range: Pan – 540°, Tilt – 270°.
    Accuracy: 0.3° resolution.

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