A full service theatrical lighting, staging, audio/video and outdoor roofing systems production company
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    Paula De Luca Vice President – Accounting ext. 1101 paula@lightaction.com
    Brian Market COO ext. 1111 brian@lightaction.com
    Andy Rougvie Project Manager ext. 1120 andy@lightaction.com
    Tex Varney Project Manager – Staging, Structures & Rigging ext. 1121 tex@lightaction.com
    Ryan Ward Project Manager – Lighting & Video ext. 1123 ryan@lightaction.com
    Darrin Bruce Project Manager – Lighting & Video ext. 1122 darrin@lightaction.com
    John Wozniak Project Manager -Sales/ Rentals ext. 1110 woz@lightaction.com
    Nate Morgan Sales/Rentals ext. 1112 natem@lightaction.com
    Steve Bodman Director of Operations ext. 1133 steve@lightaction.com
    Brandon Dacey Warehouse Supervisor ext. 1130 brandon@lightaction.com
    Rene Lopez Warehouse Manager ext. 1131 rene@lightaction.com
    Mark Abel Repairs Manager ext. 1140 mark.abel@lightaction.com
    Michele Kraemer HR ext. 1104 hr@lightaction.com
    Bunny Vazquez Accounts Payable ext. 1103 ap@lightaction.com
    Jessica Thompson Draftsman/Designer ext. 1106 jthompson@lightaction.com
    Ryan Seay Transportation Manager ext. 1134 transport@lightaction.com
    Vickie Lynne Newcomer Office Manager ext. 1102 vickielynne@lightaction.com

    Location: 1145 E. 7th St. Wilmington, DE 19801 Phone: (302) 328-7800 Fax: (302) 328-7400 Emailinfo@lightaction.com Directions to Light Action

    To receive a quote on any item in our catalogue, please send an email to info@lightaction.com Dismiss