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  • Lycian 1275 SUPERSTAR 1.2


    The luminaire shall be a 1200 watt follow spotlight designed only for a 1200-HB metal halide lamp. A 1200 HMI lamp can be substituted with reduced output. A single lever variable focus optical system using a galvanized steel cable linkage shall be employed; ribbons or cams shall not be acceptable. A gate assembly consisting of a nichrome steel heavy duty iris, paired stainless steel trim shutters, gobo slot and heavy duty fading shutter shall be provided. Focus shall be via an external knob. Optical grade white water plate glass lenses only shall be used. Plastic or green lenses shall not be acceptable. The spotlight housing shall be extruded aluminum and sheet steel finished in black and gray epoxy powder-coated wrinkle finish. A six color automatic self-cancelling color boomerang shall be provided. Field control and “x” and “y” axes shall be external; internal controls shall not be acceptable.

    Lamp mounting shall be of the shock mount type. A safety switch shall be fitted to the lamp house top. Power to the spotlight shall be controlled via two push buttons mounted in the spotlight head. Removal of the lamp house top or loss of power shall render the spotlight in the “off” mode. Replacement of the top or reinstating power will not unexpectedly relight the lamp. To restrike the lamp will require a momentary push of the “on” button. The spotlight is supplied with a silvered glass reflector. An operations unit containing the unit’s electronics is quickly accessible from the bottom of the spotlight head. A quick release multipin connector shall be mounted on the bottom of the spotlight for connection to the remote ballast unit. The ballast chassis shall have a 20 amp. circuit breaker, be constructed of extruded aluminum with stamped side and end parts, and may be operated in an upright or horizontal position or stacked in multiples. The unit shall include an elapsed time meter. The yoke shall be part of the head and allow for a maximum tilt of 55 degrees below horizontal and 50 degrees above horizontal. A stable three legged, folding base with locking casters and leveling jacks shall be provided. The spotlight shall be fan cooled. Housing dimensions shall not exceed 48″(L) x 17″(W) x 19″(H) including all controls. Net weight of the spotlight head shall not exceed 86 lbs. and 41 lbs. for the base. Current draw at 120 VAC shall not exceed 15 amps. Photometric data shall conform to the table provided. The luminaire shall be a Lycian Stage Lighting SuperStar 1.2 Model 1275.

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