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  • Crown I-Tech 9000HD

    High power amplifier.


    • Global Power Supply with PFC (Power Factor Correction) works anywhere in the world.
    • High power density, up to 8000 watts in a 2U chassis.
    • Highest output voltage in the industry (200V peak) provides clean transient peaks.
    • 3rd-generation patented Class I (BCA®) circuitry couples power efficiently to the load and provides low AC current draw.
    • Onboard high-definition DSP with 24-bit, 192 kHz Cirrus Logic SHARC A/D and D/A converters. Advanced IIR filters and linear-phase FIR filters.
    • Pushbutton presets simplify setup. Custom presets for various loudspeakers can be downloaded.
      AES/EBU digital audio input.
    • EtherCon® Ethernet connector for HiQnet™ control or CobraNet digital audio transport. This “Single Plug” connection allows HiQnet protocol and CobraNet digital audio through the same CAT 5 cable.
    • Analog and digital thru connectors.
    • LCD Control Screen is used to adjust the amplifier’s attenuation and muting, configure the amp, set up and view error monitoring, and recall DSP presets to reconfigure the amp for various applications.
    • Comprehensive array of indicators provide accurate diagnostics: Power, Data, along with Ready, Signal, Clip, Thermal and Fault for each channel.
    • AC mains indicator in power switch glows green when AC power is present.
    • Front-panel USB connector accepts a USB drive to transfer presets from the drive to the amplifier DSP, and vice versa.
    • Light weight due to aluminum chassis, special internal construction and switching power supply.
      Thermal management controller and two discrete thermal zones with variable-speed fans, forced-air cooling.
    • Advanced protection circuitry guards against: shorted outputs, DC, mismatched loads, general overheating, under/over voltage, high-frequency overloads and internal faults.

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