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  • CM 1 Ton Motor / 208 Volt w/ 50′ Chain


    The CM-ET Lodestar Classic electric chain motor offers both safety and reliability. The Lodestar Classic is universally trusted by rigging professionals around the world and is ideal for touring concerts and productions both indoors and out.

    Proven Brake Design: AC electromechanical brake has been field tested in more than one million Lodestars worldwide.
    Lightweight, Cast Aluminum Housing: Durable and strong cast-aluminum housing is black powder coated for low visibility.
    Smooth-Operating Gearing: Helical and spur gears designed for long wear life and smooth operation.
    Load-Tested, Zinc Plated Chain: Designed and manufactured by CMCO, chain is made in America and zinc plated to protect against corrosion.
    H4-Duty Rated: Designed for heavy-duty applications.
    Safe & Quick Voltage Change: Finger safe wiring and quick-change plug and play connectors allow for easy voltage change from 208 to 460. Prevents improper voltage connections that may cause hoist damage.
    Over-Travel Prevention: Adjustable Limit Switch prevents load from over-travel in both up and down directions.
    Overload Protection: Helps prevent lifting of dangerous loads.
    Meets Requirements: Meets or exceeds world standards.
    Road Ready: Fits in standard flight cases.

    Capacities: 1 ton (Metric Rated) Lift: 50 ft. Speeds: 8 to 64 F.P.M. at 60 Hz. Voltages: 3-phase

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