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  • Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300


    The Alpha Beam 300 produces a super-concentrated parallel beam of light. It can be used in a similar way to a Par64 ACL, but has highly superior and innovative features. It is complete, compact and easy to maintain and install. It is the ideal “beam moving light” for professional live setups, especially long throw applications. It can penetrate the brightness of back stage washlights or LED systems with extraordinary air craft landing light effects.

    Additional information

    17.12"L x 15.35"W x 24.8"H (Head Up)


    1 wheel with 8 fixed gobos (Ø 31,5mm), at variable rotation
    Selectable "Gobo shake" function.
    All gobos are easily interchangeable.
    Innovative Linear Frost system (Patent Pending), based on the inclusion of two high quality diffusion filters
    A new conception 0-100% Dimmer 0-100% on dedicated channel.
    Stop/strobe effect.

    Control and Programming:

    Max 18 DMX 512 control channels
    DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX 512
    Display: Graphic LCD Display
    Pan/Tilt Resolution: 16 bit
    Movement control: vectorial
    DMX signal connection: 3 and 5 pole XLR input and output
    Software upload through DMX input


    Long life self-charging buffer battery.
    Pre-set macros.
    ON/OFF lamp control from the lighting desk.
    Function reset from the lighting desk.
    "HELP", "MEMO", "AUTOTEST" functions
    Possibility to upgrade the software through the DMX 512 input.
    ETHERNET connection.
    Electronic control on each parameter.
    DMX level monitoring on each channel.
    Feedback information for each sensor and encoder.
    Electronic repositioning of the effects
    Automatic power supply switching (only electronic version)

    Moving Body

    – PAN = 540°, TILT = 250°
    Max Speeds:
    – PAN = 3.15 sec (Stnd) / 2.75 sec (Fast)
    – TILT = 1.95 sec (Stnd) / 1.65 sec (Fast)
    – PAN = 2.11°, PAN FINE = 0.008°
    – TILT = 0.98°, TILT FINE = 0.004°
    Automatic repositioning of PAN and TILT after accidental movement not controlled by control unit.


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