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  • ARRISUN 40/25 Par Head Kit


    Together with the Compact range, ARRISUN lamps are workhorses of location lighting; whenever punch or bounce light is required on set, an ARRISUN provides the ultimate answer. For the first time the precise interaction of lamp, reflector and converter lens was computer simulated during the design process, resulting in unmatched light performance.

    • Highly efficient parabolic reflectors
    • Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction
    • Extremely even light distribution
    • Lamp focus adjustment
    • Easy service access

    Rental Kit Components

    (1) Arrisun 40/25 PAR Head (46 lbs)
    (1) 50′ Head/Ballast Cable (21 lbs)
    (1) L21-30 Power Input Connector
    (1) Four Leaf Barndoor (5 lbs)
    (1) Lens Set (Spot, Medium, Wide, Super Wide, Frosted) (14.4 lbs)
    (1) Lens Case (11.7 lbs)
    (1) 2500/4000W Electronic Ballast w/ ALF & DMX, 120/220V, 50/60Hz (50 lbs)

    Barndoors: 16.25" (413 mm) Color Temperature: 6,000K (with optional lamp) Lamp Type: HMI 2500 (or 4000) W/SE G38 Lens (Condenser): 12" (330 mm) Mounting: 1 1/8" (29 mm) Stand mount Power Requirements: 100 – 240V AC Protection Class: IP23 Rating: 2,500 to 4,000 Watts Socket (Lampholder): G38 High voltage Compliance: CE, CB-GS, cNRTL  

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