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  • Analog Way Tetra-VIO TVC401


    The Analog Way TVC401 Tetra-VIO is a multi-format converter and A/V switcher. It accepts 4 inputs of various types of analog and digital video and audio signals on RCA, DIN4, Cinch, HD-15, DVI and BNC connectors. This unit will then output a universal signal on RCA, HD-15, BNC, Y/C or DVI connectors converted and enhanced to the user’s specific application.

    It is for complex video and audio installations requiring a variety of functions featuring digital and analog signal passage and enhancement.

    The Tetra VIO is a universal device featuring six functions:

    • Scan Conversion
    • Scaling
    • Standards Conversion
    • Audio Deembedder
    • Signal Switcher
    • Time Base Correction

    This universal device features digital SPDIF input and output, 4 analog stereo inputs, 1 analog stereo output and deembedding capability from the SDI input. When working with the SDI audio this unit offers delay compensation for the audio and video signals for synchronization.  The Tetra VIO can be genlocked to an analog reference signal for studio synchronization. The user can select between SDTV black burst or black HD-YUV.

    The inputs can be switched and offers features such as zoom, programmable EDID and clean switching.

    Additional information

    19" x 10.4" x 1.74"

    • Stereo Audio:
    – 4 inputs with level trim/1 output
    – Embedded Audio Digital & SPDIF
    • Genlock:
    – Multi-format Analog Genlock
    – Black Burst PAL, NTSC
    – Analog HD Black
    • Effects:
    • 2 still logos with transparency configuration recorded by acquisition or transfer
    • Zoom up to 1000%
    • The image can be positioned up to 100% anywhere off the screen, vertically, horizontally and outside the screen
    • Image size adjustable to fit any LED wall/tiles
    • 8 Preset memories
    • 1 Full Frame or 2 logos
    • Cross hatch dynamic Pattern
    • Control RGB Tiles Pattern
    • LED Wall Specific Menu