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    The DXC-D50 is the next-generation in the DXC-series of cameras, designed for even greater picture quality and operational convenience. Since the first models, the Sony DXC-series of production video cameras have been widely accepted for use in a number of professional video-acquisition applications because of their superb picture quality and operational performance. Camera package comes with 17 x lens and studio configuration with tri-pod. This camera is offered in 16:9/4:3-switchable model and features the high-performance Power HAD™ EX CCD sensor and precise 12-bit A/D conversion built into a highly sophisticated LSI. The result is superior picture quality, high sensitivity, plus low noise and smear characteristics over previous models. A variety of automatic functions have also been included, allowing easy and convenient operation in any shooting scenario. With a host of sophisticated features, the DXC-D50 is the ideal solution for all your video and studio needs.

    Additional information

    5" x 10¼" x 10⅝"

    • HAD EX CCD: 3-chip 2/3-inch type power offering high horizontal resolutions
    • 12-bit A/D conversion: High integrity 12-bit A/D LSI the higher bit res allows the contrast to be reproduced more faithfully in mid-tone areas of the picture.
    • Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Uses more than 30 bits, minimizing round-off errors to maintain the CCD’s high quality.
    • EZ Functions: EZ Mode and EZ Focus
    • Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW): Automatically adjust white balance as lighting conditions change.
    • Optical ND Filter and Electronic CC Filter: Optimum light and color control is easily achieved using an optical ND (Neutral Density) filter wheel and electronic Color Correction.