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  • Show DMX Receiver


    The 5610/5611 SHoW DMX™ Receiver works with SHoW DMX Transmitters to create the communications backbone of the groundbreaking new SHoW DMX wireless DMX distribution system, and features City Theatrical’s patent pending DMX synchronized Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping and WiFi friendly broadcast technology. The 5610 is for North American use and the 5611 is for North American or International use.

    Additional information

    6.25" x 2.375" x 5.125"

    • Synchronized hopping of FHSS radio and  DMX512
    • High speed broadcast data rate with optimized  data format
    • Adjustable output power (5-125mW FCC in  5610, 5-100mW ETSI in 5611)
    • Full bandwidth and three different limited  bandwidth broadcast modes
    • Selectable hopping patterns in full bandwidth  and limited bandwidth broadcast modes
    • Full or limited burst DMX512 output
    • Simple default plug and play mode
    • WiFi friendly configuration options
    • RDM Proxy and Responder enabled
    • Bi-directional half duplex communication with  SHoW DMX transmitter during RDM operations
    • Works with 5600 and 5601 SHoW DMX Transmitters and 5500, and 5501 WDS Transmitters  with SHoW DMX Upgrade
    • Runs on 12-24V DC (battery) or 100-240V 50/60Hz Mains AC power