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  • MQ Power Whisperwatt DCA-125USJ


    This generator delivers dependable, uninterrupted power that is as pleasing to the user as it is to the environment. The DCA-125USJ operates at a calming 62dBA full load at 23 feet and has a standby output of 137kVA/110kW and prime output of 125kVA/100kW. This electric-starting unit operates with the muscle of a 150-horsepower John Deere diesel engine that features improved fuel efficiency and voltage regulation of 1 percent no load to full load.

    • Has Two Sets Of Cam-Lok Outputs With Reverse Ground And Neutral
    • Has Two L21-30 Outlets
    • Has Two Edison Outlets

    Additional information


    Multiquip Ultra-Silent Series Generator, Model DCA-125USJ
    Performance Data
    Standby Output 110 kW (137 kVA)
    Prime Output 100 kW (125 kVA)
    Generator RPM 1800 RPM’s
    Voltages – 3 Phase 208, 220, 240, 416, 460, 480V Switchable
    Frequency 60 hz.
    Sound Level dB(A) – Full Load @ 23 Feet: 62
    Single Phase 120V
    Single Phase 240V:
    Three Phase 240V
    Three Phase 480 V
    277.8A (4 wire), 301A x 2 (zigzag)
    138.9A (4 wire), 301A (zigzag)
    No. of Poles 4-pole
    Excitation Brushless with AVR
    Voltages – Single Phase 120, 127, 139, 240, 254, 277V Switchable
    Armature Connection Star with Neutral / Zigzag
    Voltage Regulation – (no load to full load) 1%
    Power Factor 0.8
    Design Revolving field, self-ventilated, dip-proof single bearing
    Frequency Regulation – (no load to full load) 0.25%
    Power Source
    Engine Make/Model John Deere 6068TF275
    Starting System Electric
    Design 4-cycle, water cooled, direct injection Turbocharger
    Displacement 6800 cc
    No. of Cylinders 6
    Bore x Stroke 106 x127
    Gross Engine Power Output 165.0
    HP at Rated Speed 150
    Fuel Tank Capacity 169 gal (640 liters)
    Fuel Consumption
    Full load gph (lph)
    3/4 load gph (lph)
    1/2 load gph (lph)
    1/4 load gph (lph)

    7.7 (29.09)
    5.8 (21.9)
    3.8 (14.5)
    2.5 (9.3)
    Coolant Capacity Gal. 4.43 (16.8 liters)
    Oil Capacity Gal. 5.25 (19.9 liters)
    Battery 12V 128Ah
    Overall Length 120 in. (305 cm)
    Overall Width 49 in. (124 cm)
    Overall Height 72 in. (186 cm)
    Approximate Net Weight lbs 6031 (2735 kg)