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  • Hitachi Z-HD6000 HDTV


    HITACHI’s NEW Z-HD6000 is engineered to satisfy the highest TV program production standards while satisfying the ever-pressing need to reduce capital equipment costs. Fujinon HD20 x with 2x Extender and tri-pod included in package rental. The camera system has been able to achieve the highest R.O.I. possible by the implementation of new 2.6MPixel 2/3-inch MOS RGB sensors. It is compatible with and retains all the popular functions and features of the existing HITACHI HDTV camera line, like Fiber or Digital Triax cable operation, External Auto-setup, Advanced Color correction & Skin tone detail, Prompter power, 2 Incom & IFB channels, while adding new functions like ‘no vertical smear’, F12 standard sensitivity with over 60dB of video headroom, and ARCF ‘auto-registration correction function’. The HITACHI Z-HD6000 2/3” (3) CMOS HDTV Color Camera incorporates the latest state-of-the-art imaging technology, providing the best picture quality and capex/opex R.O.I. Its CMOS sensors employ 2.6 Mpixels, F12 sensitivity, 1,000TV lines of resolution, and >60dB s/n ratio. Television production professionals are now able to natively acquire full 1920 x1080 HD resolution thanks to HITACHI’s latest CMOS sensors. The Z-HD6000 is designed for Television production and can be adapted for use with HITACHI Digital Triax, Hitachi’s uncompressed optical fiber (SMPTE or Single Mode), HD P-2 recorders, COFDM wireless system, or stand-alone operation. HITACHI’s patented time division multiplex HDTV Triax system remains the world’s only complete end-to-end digital, RF-based system.

    • Imager: 3x [RGB], 2/3-inch, MOS • Native Scan: 1920 x 1080 • Scan types: 1080i, 720p, 480i • Resolution: 1000TVL • Standard Sensitivity: – F12 @ 60fps – F13 @ 50fps • Signal to Noise: >60dB • Vertical Smear: None • CCU Cable: – Hybrid fiber optical cable – Triax cable