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  • ETC 48 X 2.4K Sensor Rack


    ETC 48 X 2.4K Sensor Rack ETC Touring Racks feature high-density modular design, magnetic circuit breakers, and communication and remote monitoring capabilities. Lighted patch bays and output panels plus flexible connectivity simplify setup. A Sensor+ dimming system controls lighting using EDMX™ control levels from a lighting control system on the ETCNet2™ network and/or DMX512 control levels from a lighting control system on the DMX network. The CEM+ can accept levels from EDMX and up to two DMX inputs. The configuration of your dimming system determines which input or combination of inputs will generate the output levels of your dimmers.

    • Rugged design and construction based on years of road-tested performance
    •  24 dimmer module configuration
    • 48 20A dimmers
    • Cam-Lok power input and pass-through connectors
    • Multi-pin output configurations include Veam® VSC, Pyle National® and Socapex®
    • Discreet Stage Pin, Twistlock, And Edison connectors
    • Two or four patch outputs per channel
    • Direct Ethernet control signal input as well as two DMX inputs