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  • Digico SD-Rack


    The SD-Rack offers high resolution analogue to digital convertors, incredible flexibility and superior sound quality to complement the power of your SD consoles. Running sample rates up to 96kHz, the SD-Rack can run multiple digital formats simultaneously, including AES/EBU, Dante, AES-42, MADI, ADAT and Aviom. Based around the same Stealth FPGA technology as the Digital Engines in the SD range itself, the SD-Rack can run the optical loop at 96KHz while providing a downsampled 48KHz feed to the broadcast truck from one of the MADI output streams, even with Gain Tracking™.

    Additional information

    19" x 14.4" x 17.5"

    • “48V present” LEDs confirm 48V is present per XLR. A further LED indicates signal present and clip at each analogue input, giving you a complete picture of activity on the SDRack itself.
    • Dual hot swappable power supply units are located at the top of the rack for fast access, so that your connector looms can remain in place near floor level, while the more frequently accessed components are right on top.
    • The 56 input / 56 output arrangement, in blocks of eight, allows you to populate the SD-Rack with the I/O cards to suit your application. And the cards themselves are hot-swappable, with the SD-Rack automatically detecting the card that has been plugged in.
    • Up to 14 rack IDs can be connected on a single optical loop.