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  • Confetti: Big Shots Cannon


    Big Shots® are double barrel confetti cannons that provide a one-time “blast” of confetti or streamers. These Big Shots® cannons shoot streamers of all sizes up to 80 feet (or higher depending on the pressure setting and size of streamer) and confetti up to 50 feet in the air. They can be mounted on the ground level or from a truss/ledge to achieve different confetti celebration effects. The Big Shots® use “sleeves” of confetti or streamers. Each barrel holds two sleeves (4 sleeves per cannon/per shot) and they can be mixed – one sleeve of confetti and one sleeve of streamers for various looks. Big Shots® are remotely actuated using a multiple cue control unit. They can be daisy chained together (more than 100) and fired on the same or separate cues to achieve specific confetti effects. These confetti cannons provide their “blast” via a compressed air accumulator tank pressurized to 120 psi using an air compressor.

    Additional information

    8" L X 16 " W X 24" H
    Power Source: 110 VAC Standard Electrical Draw: 20 Watts Connectors: 110 VAC Edison Connector, 3-prong Cannon Barrel Size: 2" Diameter Support Equipment: Electrical Cords/Air Compressor/Control Box/Truss/Clams/Q-Tabs/Safety Cable


    Attendant Required: No Duration of Effect: Single Shot: Confetti Height: 40-50 Feet Streamer Height: 65-80 Feet Effects: Single Shot- Multiple Looks Truss Mountable: Yes Custom Installation: Yes

    Type of Confetti:

    Rectangles and Squares: Yes/Sleeves Snow Cut: Yes/Sleeves Custom 2"Die Cuts: Yes/Sleeves Leaf Confetti: Yes/Sleeves Streamers: Yes/Sleeves Streamers up to 2" Wide: Yes/Sleeves Large Cut Confetti: Yes/Sleeves