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  • Applied 4 Way Motor Controller with Remote


    Applied Electronics 4 ch 3 phase Motor Controller Features:

    – L21-30 power input
    – Built in phase reversing
    – (4) 7pin Power/Control outlets
    – (2) 10A 3P breakers (2 hoists per)
    – Hand held remote
    – 50′ 6pin XLR remote data cable
    – Pellican 1560 enclosure

    ** 7pin configuration **
    1-X, 2-Y, 3-Z, 4-Up, 5-Ground, 6-Com, 7-Down

    Remote Features

    Individual “Bump” pushbuttons
    Processor independent E-stop system
    Red-Green direction LED indicators
    50′ 6pin XLR data cable standard